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20 Northwest Names Everyone Should Know

BeanOne Fatal Lucciauno Gabriel Teodros Gifted Gab Grynch Ishmael Butler (Butterfly) Jace Jake One Jarv Dee Khingz Macklemore Onry Ozzborn Prometheus Brown (Geologic) SassyBlack Silas Blak Sir Mix-A-Lot Specswizard Stas Thee Boss Supreme La Rock Vitamin D

This ain't no hype list of new talent. These 20 legends have shaped the Seattle scene as we know it today. Click on any name above to learn more about that person and their many contributions to Northwest hip-hop.

“Be truthful to yourself. Be respectful and knowledgeable about what’s going on and what came before you. Be good: Work on your craft. Further the culture at all times.” —Larry Mizell Jr. (AKA Gatsby), from The Otherside

“I’m Swass.

That means I look good, and I know I look good.”

Sir Mix-A-Lot performs a secret show at Dick's Drive-In on September 8, 2013. (Photo by Gary Campbell)

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