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The 2,167 Northwest Names To Know

Welcome to the index of our museum. Scroll down a little and you'll find a list of 2,167 Northwest rappers, beatmakers, singers, producers, featured musicians, and more, sorted alphabetically. This is every individual whose work is included in our museum collection. Click on any individual's name to learn more about that person's many contributions to Northwest hip-hop culture through the years.

Not sure where to start? We've written slightly longer profiles about the 100 artists who make the most number of appearances across our museum's 1,000+ item collection of vinyl, CDs, cassettes and hip-hop movies spanning the years 1981 to 2020. This ain't no hype list of new talent. These 100 legends have shaped the Seattle scene as we know it today.

10.4 ROG AJ Suede Amos Miller BeanOne Beezie Mack Beyond Reality (Kylea) Blake Anthony Blue Scholars Brakebill Budo Byrdie Candidt Choklate D-Sane D.Black Dave B Def Dee DJ blesOne DJ Sayeed DJ Topspin DoNormaal Dyme Def E-Dawg Eugenius (DJ E) Fatal Lucciauno Felicia Loud Funk Daddy (Greg B) Gabriel Teodros Gatsby Ghetto Chilldren Gifted Gab Greg Cypher Grynch H-Bomb Hollis Ishmael Butler (Butterfly) J'Von J. Pinder Jace Jake One Jarv Dee Jerm JFK JusMoni Justo Khingz Khris P Kid Sensation King Khazm King Otto Kung Foo Grip LA (Language Arts) Luna God Macklemore MistaDC Moka Only Monk Wordsmith Mr. Hentvii (Eff Is H) Nacho Picasso Onry Ozzborn Parisalexa Perry Porter Porter Ray Prometheus Brown (Geologic) RA Scion Rave Holly Raz Simone Ricky Pharoe Rik Rude Rob Castro Romaro Franceswa Ronnie Voice Ryan Croone Sabzi Sam Lachow SassyBlack Shabazz Palaces Silas Blak Silver Shadow D Sir Mix-A-Lot Smoke Sol Source of Labor Spac3man Specswizard Stas Thee Boss Suntonio Bandanaz (Asun) Supreme La Rock Tay Sean Tendai Maraire THEESatisfaction The Physics Thig Nat Toni Hill Travis Thompson Vitamin D Wojack (MC Deff) Wolftone Wordsayer (J. Moore) Xperience

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