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187 On Wax

When LA Stone dropped this self-released cassette, “187” was a brand new rap shorthand for murder. It refers to the penal code in the state of California. The use of the number in hip-hop music was popularized by the April 1992 drug cartel action film Deep Cover, starring Laurence Fishburne and Jeff Goldblum. Dr. Dre composed the soundtrack for the movie. It was his first new music since the breakup of NWA. Deep Cover’s theme song was popularly known as “187.” It features a young Snoop Dogg on vocals.

LA Stone released his debut cassette, 187 on Wax, sometime in 1992. He collaborated with Criminal Nation’s Eugenius on the beats. DJ E mostly lets the beats ride at a laid-back, cruising tempo while LA Stone raps in a stream-of-consciousness style overtop. The single’s opener, “187 on Wax,” is almost nine minutes long. The second song, “Rollin In Tacoma” clocks in at almost six minutes and has a saxophone solo.

“T-Town’s in effect,” he raps. “Tacoma is the place. Eastside is the base.” He identifies as a Blood. “Hardcore’s my style. Fuck the radio.”

To get by, he just needs a 40 and a spliff. The Hilltop Crips? He’s gonna “smoke ‘em like a joint, and get high as shit.” He’s “eating the beat like Chinese fried rice… With lots of soy sauce. I’m changing the flavor.” For anyone who wants to battle, he’ll “Lick ‘em, lick ‘em, lick ‘em like a snow cone.” When he’s done, “You better ask somebody for a morgue membership.”

Stone is a harsh critic of Mix-A-Lot, calling him a punk.“Baby Got Back?,” he raps, “I got gat.” He continues, “How many brothers has he given a break? Ain’t produced nobody but his goddamn self, always bragging about his goddamn wealth.” Mix’s manager at Rhyme Cartel is also a target. “Ricardo is a token,” he raps, “Must be in the studio giving head.”

The NastyMix label earns a “fuck you,” too. He doesn’t need a record deal anyway: “I’m slanging this tape straight from the curb.”

He followed up this cassette with another one in 1994 called Life in The (206).

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