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Flowers in The Void

During this pandemic, our definitions for relationships and personal space have been upended. Flowers in the Void provides your ideal salve for all those confusing feelings—our desire for company, our desire for space… Whether realizing that “your love is like coffee on a Sunday” or crying out “please, I need someone,” you will recognize these feelings: Joy, anxiety, despair, listlessness.

Singer and rapper Liv† says that making this record was like therapy. Here, she wields an incredible set of tools to create impeccable moments of rap and R&B delivered against moody production that echoes all the ways time have begun to stretch and pass differently this year. (The beats on “One Track Mind” in particular.) We’ve had Liv†’s album on full repeat since it debuted: This record is simply note-perfect. But as she says in the opener, “It just ain’t enough.” The headphone-wearing, sideways cover photo perfectly captures how we’ve been feeling all 2020.

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