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Nocturnal Rage

Seattle’s notorious rain clouds set the backdrop for the thunderous reign of Nocturnal Rage. These three colorful emcees emerge from hip-hop’s gray area, much like a fiery sunrise in a dampened sky. Caligula, Pyro-Maniak, and Fo’ Feva are steppin’ out with their debut album and a perspective on what the rap game means to them. The group delivers hardcore hip-hop with a rock and funk twist combined with a live band. The album features legendary funk icon Rick James, bay area rapper Suga-T, and P-Funk guitarist Spaceman Patterson and many more. Music production includes Bosko, Mr. Roc’Phella, Philly Blunt, and Daddy-O of Stetsasonic.

The Source magazine says “Seattle’s own trio, Nocturnal Rage, packs more zest than a Starbucks menu.”

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