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Mind Over Matters

Taylor Hart from West Coast cannabis hip-hop site Respect My Region selected Mind Over Matters as one of the very best Northwest albums from 2020, saying:

Man, this dude, Kateel is going places. He hops on the mic and he’s snapping. Let me get to the point, he’s magic. After signing to Atlantic Records, he released his debut album, Mind Over Matters, which happened to become an official sound of the NBA playoffs this year. Again, this young cat DEBUTED his first album and it got played on ESPN during the friggin’ NBA playoffs.

Throughout Mind Over Matters, he showcases a few different sides of himself artistically and it’s all quite impressive. Kateel’s positive and motivational lyrics caught my attention earlier this year, landing him a spot on my list of rising artists in the Northwest. Already, he’s accomplished some really great things and I don’t even feel like he’s scratched the surface of his career yet.

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