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Til Ya Satisfied

For his second effort, Kazy-D followed his 1991 debut with this cassette on the newly established Tacoma hip-hop label Just Cash Records. It was their first release, on both cassette and DJ vinyl. Later, the label would also go on to release projects from two NastyMix stars: High Performance and Criminal Nation’s Wojack, establishing itself as an influential voice in the region’s music landscape.

Kazy-D’s Til Ya Satisfied is a fun two-song EP. You’ll nod your head while it’s playing. On the label, you’ll read that Kazy-D is now joined by a new crew, The Mac 10 Posse, who I believe are the duo of Alcatraz and DJ Razor Ray. The expanded group brings a lot of great vibes. On their opening tune, “Til Ya Satisfied,” the group establishes their motivation for success, rapping “even if we don’t make it, at least we tried.” The beats have a spritely snap with lots of scratching and dropouts. It does indeed make you want to move, as the tune suggests.

The second song “Tender Love” is a slower ballad, with charming verses like “my library of love has been expanding.” Singer Lavon Callahan adds a catchy hook and dreamy vocals. The EP also treats you to a “Remix for the Ladies.” It’s another version of the song, but they’ve stripped away most of the original’s decorative elements, amping up the intimacy by leaving simply the verses and bare beats. Slowly, throughout, other musical elements are slowly reintroduced.

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