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Stolen from KAOS Vol. 1

Stolen from KAOS Vol. 1 is a beat tape from the Tacoma-based Fish Tank Friends collective. (As in, more crazy great music from the Tac.) One side of this cassette is a live mix from Baloogz and the other side a mix from Crockett King. The latter makes frequent and deft use of delightful tape effects, little gotchas where you think the tape is momentarily stuck in your player about to be stretched and shredded. I had friends over for dinner and this was on in the background and the guests kept asking who this was. I was at a SassyBlack show recently where she said that when you make beats from weird sources, you gotta really love that shit, and it’s clear that Crockett King does: At one point there’s an extended flute solo, mixed with church hymns, while on top a man sings jazz classic “I Put A Spell On You.” The Baloogz side is equally engaging, taking the mix down a path that’s a bit more trap and space goth. I’ve been listening to a lot of cassettes lately and this is one of my current favorites.

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