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Ten & Two and Shun (FRANKi Remix)

This is a release from 300 Club Records. They do limited-edition, short-run vinyl 7″ 45s, with custom spray-painted covers, each copy numbered. (This one is #188.) They really know how to turn every record into a special event. I picked this up from Jason at the Beacon Hill Station Block party: it features two superb solo hip-hop tracks from Onry Ozzborn of Oldominion and Grayskul fame. Side one is about keeping on the straight path, “that ten and two’s what I need.” The bass and drums on the b-side are so addictively good, I just keep putting the needle back to the beginning and playing it over, and over, again. If you’re a hip-hop artist looking to release something special, drop 300 Club Records a DM.

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