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Seattle hip-hop blog 206UP picked this record as one of the “Top 10 Albums of 2013,” saying that:

There may be something about how rappers JFK’s and Onry Ozzborn’s lyrical styles, especially as they coexist in duo Grayskul, that manages to circumvent the conscious part of your listening brain and burrow into the section of gray matter that composes your subconscious. Supernatural and sci-fi themes have been tantamount in Grayskul’s musical history, but Zenith finds JFK and Onry staying closer to terra firma than ever before. As the two age, decidedly earthbound issues like children and romantic relationships rise to the forefront, but don’t dare call this “dad rap”. The trick to being Grayskul seems to lie in the unique ability to speak on just about any issue — worldly and otherwise — in beautifully oblique and coded poetry.

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