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Coolest Tricks

At the start of 2020, Michete went under the knife to transform she/her fantasies into realities. She held a plastic surgery face reveal party at the start of March, only days before the start of the pandemic. Though we’ll all emerge from quarantine as different people than we were before, this will be much more literal in Michete’s case. To wrap one era of superstardom and embrace the next, she dropped “Coolest Tricks,” a delicious 18-track collection of her greatest hits. If you’re not already a fan of Michete’s in-your-face electro-rap, start with the song “#Fuckboy.” This is delightful music full of joy and burns and profanity and energy that’ll have you jumping around in your living room. It’s on Spotify. It’s fun. Michete also devotes one album track, podcast-style, to explaining the background of the collection and themes in the music. After listening to these great audio liner notes, I hope other artists are inspired to add them, too. It’s a great idea and a cherry on an already great collection.

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