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De Mim, Pra Voce

De Mim, Pra Voce, is a sample-heavy solo effort from Sango. (Fav track “Devolva” is the most strongly reminiscent of his work on Tomorrow with Dave B.) Here’s an artist who understands the transformative power of the conjured environment. On this release, smooth, languid and huge floor-shaking bass meanders in opposition to stuttering, chopped sounds from the Latin world, creating unexpected motion, unhurried, while at the same time full of momentum. It’s a tough trick to pull off. Think drum-n-bass on your headphones as you sit, lost in thought, on a train racing past exotic countryside. “Eu Te Devoro,” surfs the waves, periodically plunging you underwater. “Vista Da G├ívea” marches you through carnival night and carries you through to the light of the next morning’s dawn.

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