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Born Day EP

Vitamin D has a thing about holidays. His group Sta Hi Brothers, made up of himself and Maneak B, has put out three Christmas albums, and a Valentine’s Day album. In 2010 Vitamin dropped the classic Born Day EP, which is all about celebrating a birthday. On Bandcamp, Vita wrote a quick note to accompany the release. “I recorded and produced most of this s*** on my b-day, didn’t have time to mix it tho, but enjoy it anyway!”

The Born Day EP opener “Begin” starts with the traditional version of “Happy Birthday,” but then suddenly switches to a different melody, the beautiful 1980 Stevie Wonder version of the song. “Worse Burfday” effectively samples the classic Biggie line, “Birthdays was the worst days,” and contains difficult memories about growing up poor. For that familiar Vitamin D musical ear-tingle, “Twist It Till It’s Gone” brings the magic in my opinion. Vitamin chops his samples so carefully that even small sounds take on huge significance in the final beat. The track is slow and leisurely, and he drops some hilarious, weed-inspired lyrics.

“Nga Plz” features Vitamin D’s son Yung Rebel, who had a strong solo run as Malcolm Rebel until sadly passing away in 2020. Vitamin and guest emcee The Note from Narcotik break down how dating and relationships have been affected by technology’s changes over the decades in “Who Dat _____.” From landlines, to caller ID, to cell phones, to the internet, the lyrics explain how all these different gadgets make it hard for a player to keep their peccadilloes secret. This was only the first of the Born Day series, the second installment appeared in 2014. Written by Novocaine132

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