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Ancient Mahogany Gold

I’ve found Ancient Mahogany Gold sounds best on a patient, quiet morning when its honest affirmations caress your ears at the start of a new day. KEXP says this is a record about “being true to yourself,” while Alternative Sound describes the lyrics as “empowering, energizing, and comforting.” Bandcamp declared this one of their “Albums of the Day” and The Stranger says “you’ll find yourself absentmindedly offering support to your neglected inner child.” This record of personal ritual fittingly debuted alongside a custom SassyBlack cannabis blend.

Here’s another take:

In their annual year-end critics’ poll, The Seattle Times ranked Ancient Mahogany Gold as one of the very best Seattle albums of 2019, saying:

“I’m from space, I’m not from this earth,” professes Seattle’s cosmic R&B queen on funky, synth-clunking album closer “Black Excellence.” We’re inclined to believe her. The third solo album from THEESatisfaction alum SassyBlack is likely to send body and mind (not necessarily together) into the thermosphere with the wavy synths and nimble bass lines of the aptly titled “Sweet Vibes” and starry glider “Depression.” It’s no wonder her holistic new record, born into the galaxy this fall, inspired a cannabis oil of the same name.

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