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Space Daze Beat Craze

Over the past eight months, we’ve all struggled with not only surviving this pandemic but thriving in spite of it. Early on, SassyBlack rose to the challenge by launching a weekly livestream of music, improvisation, and comedy on Twitch—for two hours every week when she’d engage with fans and create work live in front of us. Those efforts over weeks and months led to the release of Space Daze Beat Craze on Bandcamp, 21 tracks of spacey beats, improvised jams, and hologram funk. A wide range of ideas are explored here—some more fleshed out than others—but it’s the rawness of these tracks and the window they provide into the creative process that makes this release so rewarding. (To any rappers reading this: SassyBlack makes beats that you can buy!) SassyBlack also dropped two hella fine EPs this year. The most recent one, Stuck, includes the tune, “Karen Don’t Care,” which pointedly comments on the realities of our wild year.

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