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Love, Love? Love.

Someone recently described Seattle to me as an exhausting place where everyone is trying to out-cool everyone else. I wonder if Isabella Du Graf was feeling those vibes when she wrote the chorus of her latest single, “All The Different Ways.” In it she sings, “Take off your cool, let me show you, all the different ways I could love you.” For those unfamiliar with this record, Du Graf’s music occupies a terrain somewhere between jazz and R&B, while also dipping her toes in Seattle hip-hop, on local tracks as featured vocalist, guest performer, and producer. Her body of work speaks to the ongoing malleability of music is this town. The aforementioned “All The Different Ways,” channels a space-jazz sound reminiscent fellow local chanteuse JusMoni, while “Looking All Around” shakes a Motown dance floor. Both are tracks from Love, Love? Love.. an album that it appears is being assembled in real-time, with new songs added to SoundCloud every few weeks. (Current track count: 6) It’s perfect music for a sunny Saturday afternoon like this one.

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