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DUALGODFLOW 04' (Instrumentals)

It’s time to heap some praise toward Keyboard Kid’s elegant and understated DUALGODFLOW 04’ (Instrumentals). I’ve been playing this in my car, and on headphones while walking, pretty much non-stop for a week. These chill-out vibes are great for when you want to decompress… which probably says as much about my week as anything. The music morphs and evolves at an unhurried pace, reminiscent in some ways of modern classical music, a la Philip Glass. I love it when hip-hop artists have the confidence to release the instrumental backing tracks—Porter Ray did something similar with the B-side of his Nightfall vinyl, and I play that side all the time. Ironically, with this album, I haven’t even gotten around to hearing the non-instrumental, vocal versions of these DUALGODFLOW 04’ tracks yet. The instrumental versions on their own are that captivating.

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