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The Damn Gina Tape

In the TV show Martin, star Martin Lawrence would often express, “Awww Daammnn Gina” when something in his world was absurd, shocking, or upsettingly great. A thing that’s on fire. It’s no coincidence that New Track City’s latest is called The Damn Gina Tape, and it’s not just the sensational single “Ain’t the Same” with the menacing midsection and a vibe that will have you moving and then drops you into “HustleMan.” This record is spectacular. On the fifth track, “The Secret to Happiness” they rap: “Everything You Cling To Is Dead Weight.” It’s a great description of everything you’ve heard before this. Here’s a crew flexing some brand new muscle on the local scene. Great f-ing drums on this one. I always listen to the last track “A Groove” twice. What an amazing beat! It’s mind-bending. Wait, three times!

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