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This 2003 release from Seattle’s Sonny Bonoho needs a little better packaging. It’s a CD single of his song “Glitta,” but the song title does not appear anywhere on the front of the CD. Bonoho uses an alias here, Kutcrome, and includes the title of an album he was teasing, U Gets Tha Boots!, above his name. Once you open the CD, you see that the song is called “Glitta.”

Bonoho uses a very odd voice for this track, nasal and high-pitched, somewhat similar to B-Real from Cypress Hill. The lyrics tell the tale of an exotic dancer named Glitta who “wins wet T-shirt contests gettin sprayed.” She becomes addicted to drugs and of course this leads to a dangerous lifestyle. For instance, Glitta likes to speed on the highway at 100 mph. At the end of the track she has apparently fallen into prostitution.

The track is draped in a dramatic, minimal beat, and the instrumental is included here, along with an acapella. There is an also a remix of “Glitta” which exudes more of a snake-charmer vibe, and has much harsher percussion than the OG mix. The same year as “Glitta” dropped, Sonny Bonoho also had a track titled “4 Free” featured on the Reigncraft Volume Two CD. Written by Novocaine132

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