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Solid is one of several recent releases from the children of OG Seattle rappers. Over the past few years, a whole new generation has been putting their mark on the Town. There’s Malcolm Rebel (son of Vitamin D), Seaan Brooks (son of Criminal Nation’s Clee-Bone), Upendo Moore (son of Jonathan Moore), and ZELLi’s dad is Silver Shadow D.

ZELLi is a young woman in touch with her power. During “No Ca$h,” a sly, tight number that colors outside the lines with the confidence of a banger, she states, plainly, “I can make you put your phone down,” and you are ready to believe her. That standout track also features up-and-comer Porky $coop! This hypnotic EP, Solid evokes neon lights and futuristic synths and would be a killer soundtrack for a Seattle-based cyberpunk film, especially if said theoretical film were shot in major label clubs with the Hennessey flowing. Don’t miss the one-two punch of the opening tracks, “Sacrifice” and “Solid” which were together turned into a gorgeous music video. The multi-headed monochrome red cover art is trippy.

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