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Stas for Hire

A while ago, when Stas had a regular Wednesday DJ residency at Havana in Capitol Hill, I once saw her perform DJ magic: In the middle of playing a song from BeyoncĂ©’s Lemonade, she extracted a phrase and looped it–imagine a carefully curated skipping record–leaving us in the audience rapt as we repeatedly anticipated an imminent crescendo, extending that one powerful moment into infinity, and transforming a well-loved song into something completely fresh and new.

Stas for Hire is a six-track instrumental beat tape from 2014 composed of short song sketches where she uses this technique is used to great effect, especially on a song like “Kilted then Skirted out.”

“The Many Ways In Which She Tried It” was reworked, rapped upon, and re-released on her 2017 album, S’WOMEN. Though there are no verses on this EP, the voice is sampled and used in oh so many joyous ways.

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