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Ready to go viral, #GUAPSEASON is a hashtag-ready 2017 full-length from SneakGuapo featuring 12 trap-heavy tracks that explore our personal, intimate desires for power, our paranoia and our posturing for position. I’ve recently taken up running and this record has been my go-to all week. I get Sneak’s fights with insecurity and depression and his sense of striving, of pushing through, of putting a smile on your confidence even when it feels fake. Songs like “Hot Boy” and “Goals” come on just as I’m facing a big hill and I want to turn around and go home and hang up my shoes, and they help me to push through to the next hill. (And there are so many physical, mental and emotional hills to overcome in this city…) The production from tblunty on “Live” is sublime and full of surprises, as are the guest verses courtesy of Cam The Mac, Lil Dre, Badluq James and others.

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