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206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide)

Tacoma’s Black Anger released their first demo tape in 1994, and then two years later K Records in Olympia pressed up the group’s first vinyl single, “Feel What I Feel.” Fans were paying attention, and 1997 was a big year for Black Anger. The group dropped a strong EP called Maxed Out Singles, which contained the two songs from the group’s ’96 single plus four new original tracks.

206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide) is a separate EP which contains four cuts from Maxed Out Singles, and their corresponding instrumentals. The covers are very similar with the same silver jacket, but for 206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide) the art is a vibrant green, whereas the Maxed Out Singles art was electric red. In fact the two releases even share the same catalog number (KLP 71) at K Records.

The first two tracks on 206 Mix Tapes (Worldwide) are radio edits of “206 Mix Tapes” and “Conscious Attack.” Track three, “Violence I Become It” repurposes a dope Nas lyric in the chorus, while the melody takes your ear for a ride. The last track on side A, “Still No Commercial,” has a few zig zags and surprises up its sleeve. The B-side has instrumentals of the four songs found on the A-side, very useful for the DJs of the world. Following this release, the group’s single “Third Eye” made it onto the 1998 Classic Elements compilation, but according to Discogs, “Third Eye” seems to be Black Anger’s last official song together as a group. Written by Novocaine132

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