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Come Fi Love

One could say that 1996 was a good year for Silver Shadow D. He produced “Keep Da Change” for DMS, which appeared on the 14 Fathoms Deep compilation. Then he helped Southend rap duo 46th St. put out a promo single titled “On Tha Run.” In addition to these accomplishments, he completed his debut solo CD and cassette titled Sleepless “Tha Brickkks” on his new label with Gene Dexter called Lost & Found Recordings.

This ragga twelve-inch single “Come Fi Love” from Silver also dropped in 1996, but the track doesn’t appear on the Sleepless album. Silver Shadow was heavily influenced by Jamaican dancehall and ragga style music during the mid-1990s, and this Patois-filled song is living proof. “Come Fi Love” is a sexy track and the beat is produced by RC The Trackaholiq, one of the hardest working producers in the Seattle rap game. The B-side is Silver’s self-produced mixtape cut “None Want Test,” which is also not found on his full album.

In 2007, RC included “Come Fi Love” on his Hood Classics Vol. 2 compilation, giving the song a new audience. Spin it today and get a dose of Silver Shadow D. Written by Novocaine132

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