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A Long Walk

Chong The Nomad’s latest fresh and ambitious mind-bending EP dropped in August of this year. On a comment thread, someone really nailed the vibe, describing how “A Long Walk contains the endearing quirks and whimsy we’d expect, but with a new, palpable sense of confidence that gives the songs a sort of weirdo swagger.” Yes, there are guest features from heavy-hitters Benjamin Gibbard and Ben Zaidi. But it’s the other new songs, like opener “Go Away” … The ones that rely on her unique mix of sampling and distorted vocals to explore the most interesting edges… Songs that take you to sonic and emotional places you barely thought possible. Listening to this EP, we’re reminded of a young Sir Mix-A-Lot, circa 1985, being told that music made with computers can’t possibly be considered hip-hop, and him laughing all the way into the future. Again this year, Chong The Nomad scouts the terrain ahead for all of us who are following behind.

Here’s another take:

In their annual year-end critics’ poll, The Seattle Times ranked A Long Walk as one of the very best Seattle albums of 2020, saying:

The idiosyncratic producer known for boiling quirky sounds into wildly original electronic music takes a sizable leap forward on her latest EP. Its whizzing and whirring compositions are more the work of a full-fledged songwriter than beatmaker, thanks in part to increased confidence in her vocals, and cameos from Seattle staples Hollis Wong-Wear, Ben Zaidi, and famous fan-pal Ben Gibbard.

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