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Unexpected Arrival

Neema “Unexpected Arrival” Khorrami put out his debut album Unexpected Arrival in 2001. The pillow-soft “Introduction” is rather unusual for a rap project, whispered voices mingle with feathery music not unlike the opening credits for a soap opera. But don’t fall asleep, suddenly “Millennium” comes in with a loud, gruff, Twista-style speed rap, and it’s a peppy kickoff to the CD. The somewhat somber “Life” examines social issues and the choices that we make. “So what’s life? It’s about the good, the bad. So what’s life? It’s the happy times, the sad.”

Some of the songs on Unexpected Arrival reveal the MC’s sensitive side. Things get explicit on “Take Control,” and Unexpected Arrival lists the many ways he will “keep you satisfied.” “Other girls wish that they could be you, and you know I’m always gonna want and need you,” he assures. “Julie” is slow-paced, and starts with the sound of thunder and emotional singing, which fades to rap verses about the titlular character. Unexpected Arrival wants to win her heart, but questions of loyalty and honesty are complicating their relationship. “I told you that I love you, and I hope that you believe me.”

“How We Do” brings an atonal, sandpapery roughness which sets it apart from the smoother production prevalent on the album. “The Arrival” has a hint of West Coast gangsta bounce to it, and a few more punchlines than Unexpected Arrival’s other cuts. “I’ll be getting the five mics if The Source ever get a hold of this,” he brags. “You Know Me,” and “What Do You See” both have slightly more momentum than other songs here, and hint at potential for this new artist.

According to a November 22, 2002 Seattle Times article, in August of that same year a remix of Neema’s cut “Take Control” was the number one KUBE93 request for several days in a row. That “Take Control” remix would be featured on Unexpected Arrival’s second album, If We Try… shortly after. Written by Novocaine132

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