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Taylor Hart from West Coast cannabis hip-hop site Respect My Region selected Ouroboros as one of the very best Northwest albums from 2020, saying:

Through his album, Ouroboros, Brandon Marsalis takes me to a tiny old club with a dimly lit stage and dust in the air. The album gets me intoxicated enough to open my heart and mind but leaves me with enough coherence to retain my experience. If you close your eyes and picture Brandon Marsalis on that stage with a jazz band backing him, you can almost feel that intimacy of a live performance. It’s almost like he’s telling his stories directly to you.

He was one of my ten rising artists in the Northwest for 2020 and I’m so upset that I haven’t got to actually experience him perform on a stage. If you wanted to add another reason to your list of why we need to save our stages, Brandon Marsalis should be one of those reasons. He’s a young artist with a strong voice that can spread powerful messages and I believe his album, Ouroboros, is a reflection of that.

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