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Elevator Music: The Art of BEATS Vol 1

If you’ve heard the song “Front Steps” by Raven Hollywood, then you’re familiar with the beat-making magic of local musician Uncle Shredded Wheat. He specializes in a sort of grungy hip-hop vibe that you’ll find throughout this 20-track instrumental mix, Elevator Music: The Art of BEATS Vol 1. There’s a lot to love here, but my favorite aspect is how the momentum for each cut comes from an unexpected place, like on “Montra,” where sudden silent pauses carve out the beat where the music should be. There’s something gorgeously organic about these directional pivots: Two-thirds of the way through “WeRock TaRock DaRock” you’re bopping to a drum you’re not sure was ever there before, and you’re not sure when you started tapping your foot to it. I always rock out to “Whole On,” but there are so many great tracks here. If you’re a singer or rapper, def go hit up USW for a collab. Also, what a crazy awesome cover this record has!

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