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Junk Food

There’s a lot of deeply cool weirdo hip-hop coming out of the Everett scene these days, evidenced by the ongoing creative dominance of the Black Magic Noize/Filthy Fingers United art collective(s). Junk Food is a self-titled 2015 full-length featuring tracks by MadShroom MC, DJ Corndogg, Araless and Vaughn This is messy, unpolished music, constantly and inventively pushing at the edges of the envelope. It’s filled with beats that shouldn’t work, but magically, they do. On “War Lords,” space synths and strangled brass find their way into an unexpectedly catchy rhythm, while the more conventional “FG Keeps Rolling” is a touching ode to that junk bucket car you love too much to part with. Interspersed throughout is a prank about corn dogs and cabbies that will leave you wanting for the punchline.

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