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Neva Scared

There’s no question that 1998 was a huge year for boutique Seattle hip hop label Conception Records. The label dropped five 12″ singles in a row that year, then put out the Walkman Rotation mixtape which was essentially a showcase for the label’s catalog. Kutfather moved to Seattle from California, and immediately became a local hit. According to fellow Seattle artist DJ B-Mello, “He (Kut) relocated to Seattle and right away I had him on stage with me doing a Zumiez event at Rkcndy. Over the years we did so many legendary radio shows, club nights, & shows!” Kutfather joined Conception, first appearing on Jake One’s “No Introduction” single, then dropping this two song banger on his own.

“Neva Scared” is one of Conception Records hardest releases. This song is all about how rough and tough Kut is and he raps over a steady Jake One beat. Kutfather repurposes a classic “Eric B Is President” line from Rakim, “Prepared, never scared, I’ll just bless one,” and makes it the chorus of his track. One of my favorite lines is, “I go back to the days before Versace, before block-watch watched me.” There are lots of punchlines and metaphors to chew on, while Kut’s gravelly voice projects authority and pathos.

“Thoughts I Generate” is a bit slower, also produced by Jake One. Kut continues his bragging style, telling us in myriad ways that nobody can rock a mic like he can. “Y’all bitches must pull straps, don’t want to go toe to toe, bring your best MC and we can go flow for flow,” goes one of my favorite lines on the track. Kutfather battled illness throughout the 2010s, and in 2020 he passed away. Rest in peace to a real 206 hip hop legend. Written by Novocaine132

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