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Full Circle

Rapper and poet Keasha Beard tells honest, autobiographical tales of humility and hardship. She’s been through depression, dark times, visited dark places, and she trying to find a way and is offering to hold your hand and guide you through, too. This is music that doesn’t shy away from those dark feelings. There’s a ‘90s gangster rap feel to the production. On the poppy “So Close,” she reminds you not to give up, even though “there are nights you stay up late and cry.” These are great tunes to spin on those pandemic days when you’re feeling down. Make some tea, find a good view, and give this record a spin. Keasha’s messages of hope have elevated her popularity in Christian rap circles: A profile in Rapzilla recently cited her as a top 5 talent. Be sure to check out the trippy video for “Might Get It” on YouTube.

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