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Leftlanin' My Lifestyle

As the cover suggests, Leftlanin’ My Lifestyle, a long-player from Ralphy Davis benefits from the correct listening context: I was blaring this on my car speakers the other day while bombing along I-5 on my way home from Portland and it left me feeling like a baller. As with Ralphy’s other music, the focus is on fame and money and achieving the champagne lifestyle. At 16 tracks, there’s lots of room for narrative flow: The first few songs set the mood before bringing on the straight-up bangers. “Countin’ Money Witta Bad Bitch” surprises with a sweet piano loop, and two tracks later, I love the squishy bass line of “How It Go.” Between the two, “Wym” dazzles. It’s this centerpiece trifecta that I replay most often, and repeatedly.

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