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Talk About It

Your new favorite record is a parallel-universe rose-colored portrait of COVID-free summer fantasy where, instead of stay-at-home, you hung with Blimes and Gab in LA, attending both house and pool parties, when the crew crowded too many in the Lyft, and got high at the after-party and ate tacos until dawn. Between the tracks are many amusing short skits describing their experiences with the weirdos of LA. Two years in the making, Talk About It delivers on all the hype and promise of the viral sensation “Come Correct,” the Red Apple-starring music video that blew up the Internet in 2018. Jay Park, Bahamadia, and Iamsu! drop by. Method Man appears on “Hot Damn,” a remix of their 2019 hit, “Nasty.” The song “Shellys” is the future soundtrack for 1,000 backyard BBQs, while “Feeling It” will leave you magically happy and joyfully nostalgic for that amazing summer that never was.

Here’s another take:

In their annual year-end critics’ poll, The Seattle Times ranked Talk About It as one of the very best Seattle albums of 2020, saying:

Central District mic slayer Gifted Gab captured lightning when a quick-hit collaboration with Bay Area rapper Blimes went viral in 2018. The women with unimpeachable classicist flows kept that spark alive on their long-awaited duo album. Yes, the head-nodding, lyrical exhibitions are here and predictably flawless. But the emcees who only have an A-game also came out swinging with big hooks over feel-good, West Coast beats fit for club-night pre-funks and recuperative mornings after. With its late June drop as the summer protests boiled, there was a real possibility that after two years in the oven, their carefree LP could fall flat. Instead, its more summery jams reminded us it’s OK to roll the windows down and rap along offbeat. They made it OK to feel good again.

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