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Life Goes On

Like West Hell and Koga Shabazz, Vic Daggs II is a graduate of Macklemore’s youth rap Residency program. In the careers of all three acts, the experience shows in the mature confidence found in their debut projects. With Life Goes On, Vic Daggs II has pulled off something remarkable: a self-released, self-produced record that sips like fine cognac and a comfortable leather chair. The song “$lide” has the singalong familiarity of something you’ve heard a dozen times before. Indeed, I was certain enough that it was a can’t-quite-place-it cover that I reached out to Daggs asking what record the original appeared on. (Is it Dave B? “Naw,” he replied. “That’s all me.”) Indeed, on the outro of “King,” Daggs says, “This might be some of the realest stuff I ever wrote, but it’s just the beginning.” Subtle, gentle production touches are added here and there from Beatsbynate. Mostly what I love about this record is the intimacy: Like you’re hanging in Daggs’s dark room while he’s recording this, and some of your idle chatter finds its way into little talking interludes and impromptu a cappella freestyles. As the languid guitar that meanders throughout “Day by Day” implies, you have nowhere else you need to be. Sink into the recliner and enjoy the Hennessy.

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