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“I ain’t moving nowhere to blow up, I’m doing it right here,” raps Li-Fee on the b-side song “Seattle Holla!” which namedrops a wide rollcall of Town talent: Kutfather, Silver Shadow D, Rebelz, Funk Daddy, Mr. D.O.G., Kutfather, and others.

I had never heard of Li-Fee before I found this single in a dusty stack somewhere, and I admit I was a little wary of an unknown artist with a song title like “Seattle Holla”, but I found my reservations were unfounded as soon as I listened. The two tracks on this 12″ (“Lockdown” on the A-side and “Seattle Holla!” on the B) are both great tracks, and Li-Fee’s flow dominates. His voice is akin to Guru (RIP) at times, but grittier and more intense, and his flow is quick and fervent as it skips and wraps itself around the beats. “Lockdown” is the song that sticks in the brain, with its smooth production and vocal hook provided by Crystal. “Seattle Holla” has a rigid, mechanical beat behind it with a grimy hook courtesy of Li-Fee himself, and acts as a nice foil to the smoother A-side. Apart from this 12″ the only music I can find from this guy is a Mr. Hill-produced track “They Don’t Know.” (This review originally appeared on the Bring That Beat Back blog and was written by Jack Devo.)

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