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The Red Eye Jedi

Today, on the day after the election, we woke up to the crummy and terrifying news of Trump’s victory, and so this morning I’m finding solace in the vibe of Jarv Dee’s latest The Red Eye Jedi, especially the opening songs, “M.I.A.” and “Lay Low” that espouse the virtues of turning off your phone to wait for better news. Thank you Jarv for shining relevant intelligence and humor on this otherwise stupid, dark day. Fav track “Joog Phone” liberally apes a certain Drake Hotline, transmogrifying the source material into an anthem for secret nocturnal hookups. And oh, the many singalong hooks on this record! Singing aloud is supposedly a proven method to feel more positive, so I’m trying it: “Same ol’ bullshit… Something’s gotta give… My day can’t get worse than this.” Stay strong people. There’s lots still to do.

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