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Let's Get It On!

This final single from Tacoma/NYC beat-maker Whiz Kid–and his second with NastyMix–is a breezy, disco-infused tune, occasionally layered with YSL’s old-school, shuffle-rap verses about the most beautiful woman, and how the two of them really should “get it on.” The vinyl single also includes a remix, clean radio version, and an instrumental.

Whiz Kid joined the NastyMix exodus at the end of 1990–alongside High Performance and Sir Mix-A-Lot–leaving a large and ever-growing hip-hop hole at the record label, and the scene at large. NastyMix was left pinning their hopes for 1991 on the remaining duo of Kid Sensation and Criminal Nation.

Sadly, Whiz Kid, aka Harold McGuire, released no further music. Only a few short years after releasing this single, he died from pneumonia in NYC at the young age of 34.

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