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A Letter From Tha Grave

It’s always nice when I get something that breaks the mold and dares to have some substance to it, especially when it’s “reality rap” or “gangsta rap” (media labels).

Kazy-D is apparently from Houston by way of Bremerton, WA’s B.A.D.D. Dawg Records, and he’s got some very raw skills lyrically.

“Letter From Th’ Grave” is one tight-ass cut where Kazy-D takes on the persons of a dead homie talking to his potnas from the grave.

What makes this cut so tight is Kazy’s ability to verbalize his life, death (by the hands of a crooked cop), and his last words to his friends about their own lives on the streets. I’m not gonna go all into it, just suffice to say you have to hear it. G-shit doesn’t get much better than this.

Now as for “Down Wit Th’ Klick (1.8.7.)” it’s cool, but it’s closer to the average subject matter of this genre of hip-hop. This shit is on a small label, but as it’s written, “Seek and ye shall find.” Out. (This review originally appeared in The Flavor and was written by Truth.)

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