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Massacre Remixes

If you haven’t checked out The Sharpshooters’ Buck The Saw EP, you better go get it now. It’s a jazz conceived EP filled with beats, instruments, and breaks that hit hard to give it a hip-hop vibe. The first single released off the EP is Massacre Remixes. The remix features Mad Fanatic rhyming and it’s tight. “Massacre” has a creeping bassline and Mad Fanatic proves an East-Coast-influenced, gritty vocal presence as he speaks with hardcore stress lyrics. No doubt about it, this single is to get. Locally produced by Supreme, this remix is solid and just sounds good. If you haven’t checked out the EP, you better, and for those of you who have, I know you’ve been waiting for this one to hit. Be on the lookout for it. (This review originally appeared in The Flavor and was written by S.K. Honda)

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