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Something YOU Wanted

Something YOU Wanted, a 2017 EP from Pinder opens with the upbeat, jazzy vibe of a day at the beach, of curling your toes in the sand, and swimming. (Only a few weeks ago were we all sunning ourselves at Madison Park Beach, too.) The Seattle rapper made a big splash 4-5 years ago as J. Pinder, then relocated to Los Angeles, dropped the “J” and emerges this year with a trio of new projects: two EPs and a full-length with producer 10.4 ROG. This particular five-song EP is unhurried and sexy as hell, especially a song like “Want” where long instrumental breaks provide time to contemplate our desires and the absolution of our regrets. Indeed, I was listening to this while riding Light Rail this morning and found myself so lost in thought I completely missed my stop. I was off in California somewhere, sitting on the beach.

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