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Rhyme One Time (For God Almighty)

According to the excellent half-hour YouTube program titled “The Emerald City Beginning – Episode 1,” hosted by Rubik and E-Dawg, perhaps the earliest rivalry in Seattle rap belongs to Jam Delight vs. The Terrible Two. In the video, Captain Crunch recalls teaming up with fellow Terrible Two member Sugar Bear for the first battle in 1981 against Garry Jam and Boss Cross who were Jam Delight. Jam and Cross were the victors that day at Lateef’s nightclub and Terrible Two subsequently decided to regroup as a trio called Emerald Street Boys.

The two members of Jam Delight continued making music together, and in 1984 they wrote and recorded this incredible Seattle rap song titled “Rhyme One Time (For God Almighty).” Instead of Jam Delight, they called themselves Rhyming Gospel Sensations. The song begins with a bouncy Harold Faltermeyer type of keyboard melody, and then Garry Jam (Gary Gilmer) and Big Boss Cross (Christopher Cross) take turns rapping about their faith. The lyrics are clever and heartfelt, including gems like, “Before you eat dinner you need to say grace.”

“Rhyme One Time (For God Almighty)” came out on Douglas T. Green’s Seattle record label called TLP Records, which listed an address at 25th and E. Cherry. Garry Jam went on to make a very humorous song called “Snot” with Sir Mix-A-Lot and Daddy Rich the following year. He also made a solo track called “Funky Fresh Beat Of The Drum.” Big Boss Cross recorded a track in 1986 titled “Party Invader.” Both Jam and Cross are pioneers in Seattle rap history, and hopefully, more and more of their work will become available. Cross passed away in 2016, rest in peace. Written by Novocaine132

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