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Fantasy A Gets Jacked!

Everyone knows Fantasy A–proudly “a rapper with autism”–from his seemingly endless series of posters around Seattle, encourage us to be respectful.

In 2018, he starred in this charming comedy created by David Lewis and Noah Zoltan Sofian. It was shot in and around Georgetown and stars several other hip-hop artists from The Town, including Ready Ron, Logic Amen, and Peace & Red Velvet’s Acacia Porter.

Anyone who’s spent time in the hip-hop scene will find all these plot points familiar: Everyone’s trying to be famous and get ahead, but most of these cats are deluded and desperate. Everyone’s trying to sell their own rap CDs, but nobody’s buying. Fantasy A says “I got the day off from all three of my jobs because it’s my birthday.” Several characters are celebrating birthdays and there’s a talking ruined cake. White rapper Kobe Lebron is ashamed of his birthday, saying “Aftermath Records is not gonna hire a 25-year-old rapper!” Fantasy A then gets ripped off by rival rap crew the Shogun Thugz–who are also celebrating a birthday–and who need the money for better CD artwork.

This film is weird and funny and very, very Seattle. Throw it on and be entertained.

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