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The Rebirth

Gangsta Nutt dropped his first album Save Me in 1999. “Criminal Life,” and “My Micasa,” are two Save Me highlights, spinning gangsta tales of Nutt’s life experience growing up in West Seattle’s High Point housing project. Then his second CD Crown Royale came out in 2003, with tracks such as “Changes,” and my personal favorite, “Mo To Grab.” By 2004 Gangsta Nutt was on a major roll and he put out two albums that year, the flashier Checkmate featuring many guest stars, and the more subtle effort of the two, The Rebirth.

The Rebirth is a solid album with 12 sizzlers coming at you. “Can’t Stand Me” is a fun interpolation of 1986’s “Candy” by Cameo. “Haters can’t stand me,” he sings. Things really heat up with the excellent “Losin My Mind.” This lovely, expansive beat by RC The Trackaholiq is perfection, the cut just rides. Next is the more contained “Holla At Me,” also produced by RC. Both of these two songs really use the space wisely, it’s hard to explain. Wherever there should be a Nutt line, there is, wherever there should be a snare or bass hit, there is. It’s like looking at a painting where every inch of the canvas is being incorporated, and not every rapper/producer team realizes how key this is when making a hit song.

“Highpoint 44” has rowdy bluster from the very start of the track. Nutt reminisces about the wild days of being young, “Nights in the arcade, finger f***ing at the gym on the backstage.” The stark Neptunes beat for “Grindin” dominated mixtapes throughout ’02 and ’03, and Nutt does his own riff on the theme with “Rhymin.” The album ends with the honest and heartfelt “To My Momma,” which documents the hardships that his mother faced while raising him. Compared to Checkmate, this album is subdued and contains a more singular view into Nutt’s philosophy and verbal style. The Rebirth shows a rap artist who is justifiably proud of the status he has earned in the 206. Written by Novocaine132

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