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Da Rocinha 4

Taylor Hart from West Coast cannabis hip-hop site Respect My Region selected Da Rocinha 4 as one of the very best Northwest albums from 2020, saying:

Sango has become my favorite artist to listen to while I practice yoga. Even though his albums are produced electronically, they have this organic ‘from the Earth’ feel to them. This year, one of his newest releases, Da Rocinha 4, became my go-to album for my sun salutation asana.

The album has an energizing quality to it while simultaneously having this calm aura that curbs my anxieties. I often find myself leaning deeper into my stretches and counting the tempo to determine when I switch sides. It also happens to have the perfect run time from start to finish to fit my routine. Any album that gets incorporated into my daily life like that absolutely deserves to be one of my top 24 albums of the year.

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