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Beetbak blog’s Jack Devo described this record as “Heavy, snotty, ignorant, ass-kicking, no-bullshit rhymes and beats… A much-needed opposite to the Town’s predominant vibe right now. I’m sure it will be a favorite on many year-end top ten lists.” When I hear the song “‘92” I picture a bouncing lowrider cruising along evening streets, pre-party prep, tunes blaring and subwoofer shaking the windows. The self-titled ILLFIGHTYOU, a 2013 record from the Tacoma hip-hop supergroup of the same name is floor-shaking fun, profane, young, and convincing: You should definitely have one more drink, do those drugs, ask that girl to dance, or fuck it, just give in to whatever wanton abandon is in front of you. (“BROOKLYN”) There’s something about those drums—primal and pounding, endlessly inventive and intensified by multiple MCs slinging verses, always dialing up the energy. When I write these reviews I scribble notes on my phone and later I sometimes struggle to deduce what I meant. For this record, I wrote: “Momentum, see BATCAVE,” and I’ll leave it to you to figure out what that means.

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