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I was introduced to KnowMads when they played with Kung Foo Grip and All Star Opera at The Croc this past Thursday. Outside the show, someone told me The KnowMads have a cult-like fanbase, a kinda nouveau Grateful Dead thing but hip hop, based on tattoo evidence. So that was the impression I went into their show. When you hear the opening of “TheCure,” a track on their 2012 EP, Prologue, you’re ready to follow, too: This is the sound of connection, some songs speaking directly to their fans in sort-of rap self-help. “Disregard the energies of people you despise…” Musically there’s a broad range between a ’70s easy-listening vibe (“Firefly”) and just-beats-and-verses ’80s origin rap (“WaxOn”). It feels good to listen to this record.

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